Helen Boulton, sister of AR's mother Edith Boulton and therefore AR’s aunt, was a writer. She initially suggested that AR write in his spare time rather than as a career; this was when Edith wanted him to enter a well-paying profession.

She was probably the model for the Amazons' own Aunt Helen, who might almost be a pirate (SD3).

Helen Boulton received the most effusive dedication of any of the Swallows and Amazons series in The Picts and the martyrs: To AUNT HELEN C.F.C.A. PLUS 100. A1 (These letters mean Certificated First Class Aunt. There are Aunts of all kinds, and all the good ones should be given certificates by their nephews and nieces to distinguish them from Uncertificated Aunts, like Nancy’s and Peggy’s G.A.) --Ransome had been discouraged in writing this book by his wife Evgenia Ransome, and encouragement from his mothe and Aunt Helen kept him going.

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