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The Halfway Camp is halfway up the northern side of Kanchenjunga. In Swallowdale the Swallows sleep there in the open overnight, and are are joined by the Amazons for the climb to the summit (SD27).

The Swallows leave Watersmeet, and go up one of the becks that flow into the Amazon River (SD26).

  • they began to climb.... the stream hurrying down from Kanchenjunga fell far more steeply than the little beck that had led the able-seaman and the boy to the discovery of Swallowdale. It dropped sometimes ten, twenty feet at a time into pools from the white foam spirted high in air to meet it.
  • They came suddenly out of the trees into a ravine of naked stone and heather. Susan asks I suppose this is the place for the camp?

There is a pool nearby with a tiny waterfall where they wash in the morning, in very cold water (SD26).