Guddling is a technique for catching fish with the bare hand. Jacky Warriner teaches the Ds how to guddle in The Picts and the Martyrs. You wiggle fingers in the water under a fish, slip them in the gills, and flip the fish on to the ground.

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This technique must have migrated to the US South where a form of it is known as noodling. Noodling involves diving under overhung banks (or old concrete construction) on lakeside and riverside where enormous catfish hang out. The bare arm is thrust inside the mouth, the catfish bites down, and the diver makes for the surface with the fish. Sometimes he gets caught up and dies. The large jaws of the fish (and the damage done to some noodlers) are frightening (see link). "In 2001 filmmaker Bradley Beesley brought the strange subculture of bare-handed catfishing to the screen in 'Okie Noodling'. Now he returns to his home state of OK to see how the sport has evolved.. en route to the 2007 Okie Noodling Tournament..."

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