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Grog is the name that the Swallows and Amazons gave to what natives might call ginger beer or lemonade, in a puncheon and made by Cook.

  • On the third day the Swallows decide to have a pemmican dinner and get four bottles of ginger beer, grog, I mean, in Rio. In the shop John says without thinking four bottles of grog, please so Susan gravely says Ginger beer (SA8).
  • When the Swallows meet the Amazons Nancy says Let’s broach a puncheon of Jamaica rum .... (Cook) calls it lemonade (SA10). The barrel was meant as a water breaker, because the natives thought the water in the lake wasn’t fit to drink. But we always drink it, not straight out of the lake, but boiled for tea, and so we use the water breaker as a puncheon for feastable drinks. So they have the finest lemonade that pilot or explorer ever swigged and Titty says I never tasted better rum (SA11).
  • When the Amazons have to hurry back to be home by breakfast-time there is no milk, so they all have tea without milk. Titty calls it hot grog. So hot grog it was and served in large tots (SA22).
  • Peggy carries the huge bottle of lemonade, nectar or grog during the ascent of Kanchenjunga. On the summit, the lemonade rather warm after its journey is referred to by Nancy as nectar (SD27).
  • Dick (waiting on the loft ladder for a pigeon) had a glass of the pirate grog that natives, who knew no better, call lemonade (PP5).
  • When Mrs Blackett comes to inspect the new camp and well, she says I've brought you three dozen bottles of ginger pop. Roger says She’s brought cases and cases of grog. They go up on the handcart, and Nancy says We won’t have to bring them down .... Not till they’re empty (PP17).
  • When they go ashore Titty says Grog and Jim Brading replies They've a very good brand of grog in Shotley (he gets a dozen bottles of ginger pop) (WD5).