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The un-named ancestor "Grandfather Turner" is the late grandfather of Nancy and Peggy, father of Jim Turner and Molly Turner, brother of Maria Turner, son of Great Grandfather Turner and married to Grandmother Turner.

What we know about Grandfather Turner[]

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Grandfather Turner was interested in mining and prospected in Africa:

And mind ye, yer mother's father took me wi' him when he went to Africa after that same stuff. I'm not easy fooled wi' metals and such. (Slater Bob, PP3)

untimely death[]

Jim and Molly were brought up by their Aunt Maria (SD3,27), so it can be assumed that Grandfather Turner (and their mother Grandmother Turner) had both died during Jim's and Molly's childhood.

GT's death would have been before Jim's, Molly's and Bob Blackett's ascent of the Matterhorn (August 2nd, 1901), when his children were understood to be fatherless (Nancy speculated that Bob had "rescued" them from their Aunt (SD28), facilitating their expedition).

GT's profession provides a possible cause of death:

"You set a match to the fuse and leg it for the open." (Slater Bob, PM24)