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Not to be confused with Frank Farland

Frank is an elderly boatman at Pin Mill.


Frank addresses Jim Brading as Sir, a possible indication of class. (WD1)


"They'll be aboard here, Ma'am." It was Frank the boatman who had lent them their dinghy (WD1).
  • Mary Walker gathers testimonials on Jim Brading from Pin Mill locals, including Frank the boatman, who says "What he don't know about handling that boat of his won't help anyone" (WD3).
  • A boatshed carpenter tells Mary that her children are: Coming back today, I hear Mr Brading tell Frank. Then she sees Frank who says Tide's still ebbing, and they'll wait for the flood before coming up the river .... Jim Brading .... could find his way about the river blindfold (WD14).


When Arthur Ransome and Evgenia Ransome were living at Harkstead Hall, they knew a boatman called Frank:

On Saturday I got out for a few hours after tea, and went eeling on the river with Frank the old boatman. (AR to Edith R Ransome, June 24, 1940, SFM)