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Events occurring in February[]

Native events in February[]

  • 5 February 1932: Arthur Ransome begins writing Peter Duck (according to Roger Wardale[1])
  • February 1895: The Great Frost during which the whole of Windermere was frozen, and the headmaster of Arthur Ransome's boarding school at Windermere (the Old College) let them make the most of it. Those weeks of clear ice with that background of snow-covered, sunlit, blue-shadowed hills were, forty years after, to give me a book called Winter Holiday for which I have a sort of tenderness AAR page 19 and LAR pages 46-47.
  • February 1919: Frederick Field, The first of those lords so hated by Roger (SW1), was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.
  • 26 February 1932: birth of Jingū Teruo sensei (神宮輝夫), a scholar of Arthur Ransome and of children's literature, who lives in Japan.
  • 17 February 1935|: Arthur Ransome helped in devising the plot of Pigeon Post by Oscar Gnosspelius: Oscar full of help about the mining... (AR's diary, quoted in NBUS pages 88,90,91)

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