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Throughout the Swallows and Amazons series, Captain Flint acts as a sort of family financier, although his poverty is often mentioned chap no req:

  • When Missee Lee asks if Captain Flint is a rich man, Nancy says: No .... he spent all his money on buying the "Wild Cat" and fitting her out .... and now she is at the bottom of the sea (ML15).

However he shows signs of becoming gradually wealthier. Examples of this include:

  • He briefly attended Oxford University; expensive and probably not on a scholarship (ML16).
  • His purchase of Amazon for his nieces Nancy and Peggy: "Uncle Jim gave us the ship last year" (SA10).
  • He is in foreign parts for the winter (WH21).
  • The appearance of Rattletrap (PP1) when previously the Blackett and Turner family appeared to not own a car (WH9,20)
  • The redecoration of Beckfoot with painters and paperhangers (PP1)
  • The copper mining project in The Gulch; Timothy is a partner but who pays for it? (PP35, PM24).
  • Taking Molly Blackett for a cruise round the coasts of Scandinavia (PM1).
  • The rose trellis installed at Beckfoot as a present for Mother (PM2)