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Engine usually refers to Bill and Pete, who are the usual engines of the Death and Glory although she also has a sail:

  • Bill and Pete, each with two hands to an oar (CC28).
  • Bill laughed, moving his arms backwards and forwards, as much as to say he was glad that for once he wasn’t an engine (BS6).

But when emigrating down the river there was nothing for it but to ring up the engines for full speed ahead, which meant that Joe and Bill took to the oars and drove her with flapping sails straight into the wind. Pete steered, sitting on the gunwale in the stern to be out of the way of the engines who stood in the cockpit to work the oars (BS11).

Roger is interested in engines. He is the Ship’s Engineer in Missee Lee and Great Northern?:

  • You've been at the engine already in this ship .... One large smudge of grease on your left cheek (PD1).
  • When Titty says It's the sails that matter Roger says but all the same, an engine’s jolly useful, and when John has to row harder against the tide Arthur Ransome comments There was nothing to be said to that (WD1).
  • Go on, Roger. Your'e the engineer said Daddy (WD23).
  • this last term at school Roger had once more begun to think a good deal about engines. He had a friend who thought about nothing else
  • Roger as engineer knew that the fire extinguishers were kept in the engine-room (ML2).
  • all except Roger, who liked engines; he is in charge of the engine on the Sea Bear (GN1)

Mr Duck said that Little Donkey is Sailorman’s name for the engine. Engines and donkeys is all one. One day they’ll pull and another day they won’t, do whatever you will with them (PD3).

In the Goblin Daddy says .... "Well, that's an engine worth having aboard"; Tthe little Handy Billy .... went off at the first swing (WD23). The "Handy Billy", as fitted in the Nancy Blackett, was made by Thornecroft.

The petrol engine of the wherry Welcome is Jack’s darling according to Mrs Whittle; polishing and oiling, e’s at it morning, noon and night, but he uses it as little as possible. And it cuts the light and takes most of the room in what was the state-room (CC21).

When the Death and Glories are looking at the new cruiser and Joe and Bill go into her cockpit, two visiting yachtsmen wonder how she’s fitted out inside .... Brooke engine .... Bet it’s a Morris (CN3).

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