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Emily is a green yacht with a red sail crewed by three young men in We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea.

During their harbour cruise in Goblin, Jim Brading and the Swallows see Emily stuck on the mud by Fagbury Point. She had become stuck after her crew tried to feel their way in during fog the previous night. Jim says that she will be alright there until the tide comes in, and tells them about Ellright who had that boat before them but lost her to longshore sharks who claimed salvage (WD4).

Later Emily, coming upstream under power, meets the Goblin (at anchor and unskippered) while Jim is ashore. John and Emily's skipper exchange hails. One of them asks Where are we and John says with some pride that they are Just across the channel from Felixstowe Dock .... Close to the North Shelf buoy (WD7).

One day later, Mary Walker and Frank the boatman see Emily coming up river. Mrs Walker asks if she is the (missing) Goblin, and then says Of course, she isn't the Goblin. She's a yawl, and the Goblin's a cutter. The crew of the Emily have been fishing, and when they come ashore one of them offers Bridget a big codling. Mrs Walker asks casually about the Goblin and is told that Brading had his anchor down, on the Shelf, just off the dock, out of the channel. Couldn't have been in a better place. One of them was playing a penny whistle. She laughs That's my Roger (WD14).