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Mrs Ella Dudgeon is the wife of Dr Dudgeon and the mother of Tom Dudgeon and our baby. Mrs Dudgeon is also an honorary Aunty to Port and Starboard, having assisted Frank Farland in their upbringing following the death of his wife when they were babies.

Mrs Dudgeon's name Ella is given in BS13.

Mrs Dudgeon is a staunch adult supporter of the Coot Club and is always steadfast in support of the Death and Glories when they are under suspicion of casting off boats in The Big Six.

Is Frank Ella's brother?[]

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Since the twins call Tom Dudgeon's mother Ella Dudgeon Aunty and Tom calls Frank Farland Uncle Frank it is quite possible that the two neighbours are sister and brother or related by marriage. On the other hand it was commonplace for close family friends to be called "Uncle" and "Aunty" even when no blood or marriage relationship existed.