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Boulton, AR’s mother, was born about 1852, and died in Leeds on 7 December 1944 aged 82.

Her father Edward Baker Boulton was a sheepfarmer in New South Wales, Australia, so provided the Australian background of Mary Walker. He retired to Clifton, dying while AR was very young. His main interest was water-colour painting, and Edith was a gifted water-colour painter.

On thee day after Edith accepted Cyril Ransomes proposal, he gave her a volume of Bagehot’s essays and a book of Wordsworth’s poems with some marked; and told her that he looked forward to examining her on them a week later!

Edith encouraged her son’s writing, particularly with The Picts and the Martyrs where Genia had been particularly discouraging.

Helen Boulton, AR’s aunt, was a writer. She initially suggested that AR write in his spare time rather than as a career; this was when Edith wanted him to enter a well-paying profession.

She was probably the model for the Amazon's aunt, who might almost be a pirate (SD3).

Cyril and Edith Ransome had four children: Arthur (the oldest), Cicely, Geoffrey, and Joyce. Lt. G. C. Ransome died in World War I (15 January 1918)