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The Dundale Road leaves the Valley of the Amazon and goes west away from the Lake, and to Dundale.

In Pigeon Post they see from High Topps a ribbon of white road which goes over into Dundale (PP8). John can see the Dundale Road from the tall old ash tree at Camp Might Have Been (PP9).

On the Dundale Road a motor-car was drawn up .... and the motorists were resting on the scorched, drab grass. After some ten minutes, Dick saw a wisp of smoke from where the motor-car was, along the Dundale Road. Some muttonhead visitors been chucking matches about says Nancy; John and Nancy race down and put out the fire (PP17).

When they go to Atkinsons to spy on Squashy Hat they set off down the Dundale road (PP26).

Later, before Dick is leaving on his mission to Beckfoot to test the sample of gold, he hears a motor-car hooting through the woods and along the Dundale Road its noise stopped. Another of those picnic parties supposed Dick. The motor-car leaves, and the visitors who had rested there, eaten their sandwitches by the roadside and admired the view over the hills were already a dozen miles away. A thin wisp of blue smoke curled in the grass where they had been. No one saw it. This time there were no watchers on the Great Wall (PP30).

So the fire starts, the thing people had been dreading all summer (PP31,32). The wind is Blowing from Dundale .... Southerly (PP33).