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Dr Dudgeon is the doctor in Horning, the husband of Ella Dudgeon and the father of Tom and our baby. Tom calls him "Dad" (CC23,24,36). He is a magistrate, so is given the second lot of stolen shackles found on the Death and Glory (BS23,32).

Dr Dudgeon is described by the boatman who transports Mrs Barrable and the Ds from Wroxham to Teasel: He’s a fisherman.... Put up that old bream (as a weathercock on the house) himself. Not much time for sailin’, I s’pose, bein’ a doctor, but you often see him fishing off his garden end when the season come on. And Mr. Farland live in the house next to it, t’other side of the dyke (CC2).

He smokes cigarettes (CC6).

Dudgeon house[]

There is a drawbridge built by The Coot Club across the dyke (CC2). The house has a thatched roof with starlings nesting in it (CC16).