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Dick Elleray is the driver of a hire car for "Squashy Hat" in Pigeon Post.

On Day 14 the prospectors of SADMC saw "Squashy Hat" being driven away (it is not stated by whom) and send a message Enemy in Full Retreat. Scouts saw him Driving Away. Mrs Blackett seemed pleased: I'm glad he's gone before he met Nancy (PP27).

But then Dick is behind him in the Rio chemist's shop when he purchases a blowpipe; then Dick asks for one too: Well, that is a funny thing .... We don't get asked for them, not once in a blue moon. And I've just sold one this minute, and now another. Dick flushes red when the man behind the counter asks him if he wants it for egg-collecting; the man coulfd hardly know that he wa interested in birds and hated egg-collectors. The others see him in Rio as well. And when they are trudging back to Tysons, a motor-car with Dick Elleray driving rushes past and leaves them choking with dust. That was Dick Elleray driving ... Squashy Hat must have hired him for the day says Peggy. Well he hasn't bolted ... He's come back says Titty. And Dick says With a blowpipe. (PP27).

He may be the unnamed driver in PM who the GA has arranged to meet her at the station (PM3); and at the end Timothy hears the GA tell her man not to drive at more than ten miles an hour (PM30).