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The books of the Swallows and Amazons series are dedicated to:

  • SA originally dedicated To the six for whom it was written, in exchange for a pair of slippers. In 1929, on the day after his forty-fifth birthday he was given a surprise present, a pair of Turkish slippers, by the Altounyan children. However in 1958 he demanded that Cape suppress the dedication (TLE pp348, 362).
  • SD originally dedicated to Elizabeth Abercrombie, the daughter of his poet friend Lascelles Abercrombie.
  • PD to Mrs Robert Blackett and Mrs E.H.R. Walker
  • WH To the Clan McEoch of Francis Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • CC To The Skipper of the Titmouse (Busk boy?)
  • PP To Oscar Gnosspelius
  • We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea is dedicated To Mrs Henry Clay
  • BS To Margaret and Charles Renold
  • SW To the Busk family
  • ML To Herbert J. Hanson, O.B.E., Scholar and Seaman
  • PM To Aunt Helen C.F.C.A. Plus 100. A1 (these letters .
  • GN To Myles North who, knowing a good deal of what happened, asked me to write the full story