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Death and Glory: A converted ship's lifeboat owned by the Death and Glories Joe, Bill and Pete, sons of Horning boatbuilders in Coot Club and The Big Six.

Initially just an old ship’s boat, Rodleys painted her and gave her a new sail, spars and and awning (CC,Postscript). Then Joe’s father fits a tabernacle to lower the mast under bridges. They add a cabin-top with three bunks inside, and a stove (with a green earthenware chimney) so they can use her in winter. Like Teasel, there is a cupboard for stores (BS1). She has a long straight keel, so can not go close to the wind or spin on her heel and make short tacks (BS11).

The stove in the Death and Glory is fuelled by wood shavings from boatbuilders, usually (but not this time) from Jonnatt's (BS5)



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Death and Glory resembles Kittiwake down to detail such as orange curtains made by Pete's mum (BS9) and the very tight cabin interior. The two boats' hulls are quite different; while Death and Glory had a blunt stern, Kittiwake's had a long counter (which Ted Walker might not approve of, see WD1).