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Cyril Ransome (1851-1897), the father of Arthur Ransome died on 24 June 1897 at Rugby, when Arthur was 13. Arthur was then at a prep school, Old College, Windermere, where the headmaster’s wife told Arthur of his father’s death. Arthur went to Rugby School that year, but did not get a scholarship, which he knew was a disappointment to his father.

Cyril Ransome (M. A.) had been Professor of Modern History and English Language and History at the Yorkshire College, Leeds since 1878, but had resigned in 1896 with the intention of taking up a literary appointment in London. He had been educated at the Royal Grammar School, Lancaster and at Merton College, Oxford where he held a post-mastership and obtained a first class in mathematical moderations and again in the final school of Modern History. He rowed at Oxford (like Captain Flint), and was a keen fisherman.

He wrote a number of books used in colleges and schools on English history and the colonies, and on Shakespeare. After he proposed to and was accepted by Edith Boulton he took round a volume of Bagehot’s essays and a book of Wordsworth’s poems with some marked, and told her that he looked forward to examining her on both a week later (Life, pages 7-8).

Cyril and Edith Ransome had four children: Arthur (the oldest), Cicely, Geoffrey, and Joyce.


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