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Crewe railway station geograph-2510342-by-Ben-Brooksbank

A 1950s view of Crewe station.Dick would have appreciated his 37 minute wait here; in CC1 (at another station, Thorpe Station) he is keen to watch the locomotive being shunted but Dorothea won't let him.

Crewe railway station is a major junction on the West Coast Main Line in England from London to Scotland via Strickland Junction. Crewe is 158 miles north of Euston, and 243 miles south of Glasgow Central. Trains meet here from all around the North West, making it a good place for passengers to change trains.

Appearances and mentions[]

Dorothea had been seen off by her mother at Euston. Dick, coming straight from school, had joined the train at Crewe ..... Dorothea had lunch in the train but Dick had his at Crewe: I had thirty-seven minutes to wait before your train came in . They read books while the train rushed northward until it slowed down for the last time before the Lake (PM2) There is no mention of the branch line into the hills they transferred to ; see Strickland Junction.

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