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The Coronilla is a blue yacht moored near the Goblin when they leave to go down-river in We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea. Two heads bobbed up and one asks Going for a sail. Lovely day for it. Jim replies Only in the harbour (WD3).

At Pim Mill, Frank the boatman says to Mrs Walker that the mooring of Emily is Just ahead of "Coronilla". The big blue boat (WD14).

Later the Coronilla is motoring down the river in the calm while the Goblin is motoring up river. She hails them Ahoy Goblin, Have a good time? John replies Yes, thank you but tells Roger not to say that they have been abroad (WD27).

The blue moored yacht in the river that they see from the borrowed dinghy is probably the Coronilla (WD1):

  • "What about the blue one?" said Titty. "Not bad" said John. "She's got a proper capstan on her foredeck," said Roger. "I wonder if she's got an engine." "It's the sails that matter" said Titty. "Yes, I know" said Roger, "but all the same an engine's jolly useful." John rowed a little harder to keep up against the tide". "Now, for instance," said Roger, "you'd be jolly glad if we had one." There was nothing to be said to that.