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Coots in the North and other stories contains an incomplete Swallows and Amazons novel 'Coots in the North' published as a fragment with a selection of Ransome's other short stories in 1988.

Coots in the North[]

see Coots in the North

other stories[]

Coots in the North and other stories also includes two extracts that Hugh Brogan rescued from an unfinished Victorian ‘'Bevis'’-style Arthur Ransome novel, The River Comes First, plus several Ransome short stories first published in magazines:

'The River Comes First' and 'The Cloudburst
'The Unofficial Side' is the only story he wrote involving the Russian Revolution. It is related by Hurst, a paid hand in a small private yacht.
'Two Shorts and a Long' also involves Hurst and is set on the yacht.
'The Shepherd’s Pipe' (previously unpublished) and 'Ankou' are grim tales set among the peasants of Russia and Brittany.


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