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"Cook" may refer to:

Cooking by the Mates[]

Not always seen as a chore: In Pigeon Post, when they are crushing and panning,: Susan and Peggy had tossed up who should make dinner. The winner was to be the cook. Susan had called "Heads" and so it had been .... (PP22).

Food on board is largely in tins. When Captain Flint arrives back at the Fram, there was a great pyramid of empty tins in one corner (WH21). When the Death and Glories came into money from the fish and go to the grocers The pile of tins on the counter grew and grew (BS9). Jim Brading says that Uncle Bob and I mostly live out of tins (WD3).

Mate Dorothea cooks at The Dog's Home. When Nancy says optimistically Dorothea’s a splendid cook she replies I never have cooked .... But I’ve often watched Susan (PM3). Later though, she impresses Nancy by cooking a rabbit, and Nancy says I don’t believe even Susan's ever cooked a rabbit .... we’ll catch rabbits .... It’s ten times better than just digging things out of a tin (PM18).