In the Candle-Grease Incident Titty hears that the G.A. has made Molly Blackett cry, and makes a candle-grease image of her; copying "de Obeah woman" who makes a wax image to cast a spell in the African and Jamaican stories that Mother used to tell in the evenings. She wants to make the the G.A. uncomfortable enough to leave Beckfoot, and decides to melt the image slowly over the fire so that the G.A. loses strength.

But the candle-grease image slips from her hand into the fire and is gone. Titty thinks that the the G.A. will be dead when the Amazons get back to Beckfoot, and does not accept Susan’s assurances that nothing will happen to her (SD18). Mother does not think it a good thing to make candle-grease images even of GAs, but reassures Titty (SD19); though she is not fully convinced until she hears from Nancy that the G.A. was "Never in better form" that night when they got back (SA24).

John gets Roger out of the way so that Titty can have a private discussion with John & Susan or Mother without Roger present.

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