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The owner of the Cachalot is a fisherman who buys bait from, and then befriends the Death and Glories leading to their catching The World's Whopper pike at The Roaring Donkey inn.

He is never named; he is just called the fisherman or the owner of the Cachalot from when Pete first meets him (BS5).

Later (BS26) he lends Cachalot to the Coot Club to act as bait in order to expose the real culprits who are casting off boats. He has heard of a gang of young toughs who are casting off boats, but cannot believe it is them, partly as he sees Pete burying their orange skins: "Rule of the Coot Club". At the end when he hears they may be in trouble he goes to Mr Farland to tell him that the Death and Glories were lent Cachalot, and they can cast her off if they want to(BS32).

Is he also the owner of Bonnka?[]

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The Cachalot's skipper has many similarities to the Bonnka owner: he is friendly and gets on well with the Death and Glories, he is a sports fisherman and he has a fast, modern cruiser. Neither character is named in the books and there is no explicit linking of the two characters.