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Cachalot is a smallish white motor cruiser in The Big Six; she is not a local boat as her official number is prefixed with W for Waveney, not B for Bure. She is not an ordinary cruiser but a boat specially built for fishing with rods lying in rests along the cabin-top, and other rod-rests fixed to the cockpit coamings. Pete asks Waveney boat but her owner replies Built in Beccles .... This is her first season (BS5). Later Bill says He's got a stove and Pete tells him Built for fishing .... He tell me so. She'll be out all winter same as us. It is a neat enamelled stove (BS7).

Pete agrees to catch bait for her owner, and then they bring the 'World's Whopper' ashore, the large pike that the fisherman has bet Jemmy, the landlord of the 'Roaring Donkey', that he can catch (BS7).

Later (BS26) the Coot Club borrow ' Cachalot to use as bait in order to expose the real culprits who are casting off boats.


Cachalot is an old-fashioned word for a sperm whale. But it is also an auspicious name for a boat used for fishing as it sounds like "catch a lot".

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Later appearance?[]

The owner of Cachalot has many similarities to the owner of Bonnka in Coots in the North; they are never explicitly linked as the same person, but Bonnka's skipper is friendly to Joe's pet rat Ratty.