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Bridget Walker
Vicky (as a baby)

Victoria (written on her birthday cake)

Bridget (when older)
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Bridget Walker, also called Vicky, is the youngest in the Walker family. She was called Victoria or Vicky as a baby. Daddy sometimes calls her Bridgie (SW2,31) or Biddy (SW4)

Appearances and mentions[]

  • Swallows and Amazons (set in 1929): She is referred to as a little native (SA16), and is nicknamed Vicky from her resemblance to Queen Victoria in her old age. She has a huge birthday cake with Victoria written in pink sugar on the white icing (SA15).
  • Swallowdale (1930). She holds the title Ship's Baby (SD2,10) and has a carry-on part celebrating her birthday
  • Winter Holiday (1931): Mother has left for Malta, taking Bridget as Father's never really seen Bridget since she was a person interrupts Titty, to explain why they left (WH3).
  • Pigeon Post (1931): Bridget is at home with Mother, recovering from whooping cough
  • We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea(1931): she stays with Mother at Pin Mill. She has plaits as she shouts before breakfast We're just coming down. Susan's nearly done my last plait (WD3).
  • Secret Water (1931): she is a main character in this story, proving to be a brave member of the crew and a willing human sacrifice. She has her first sea voyage (SW3) but is still the Ships Baby; see (SW2,7,18) and The Report (SW12). When they are looking for her after she has lured away by the Eels, Roger calls out along the dyke: Bridget! Ships Brat! Bridget (SW17). But when Susan is in command of Wizard and Bridget is at the tiller she is for once promoted able seaman (SW21).

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Why has Bridget's Birthday cake (SA) say Victoria? If Vicky is only a nickname, why doesn't the cake say "Bridget"?