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Breydon's western end at the confluence of the River Waveney and River Yare as viewed from Burgh Castle

Breydon Water is a large tidal estuary near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. It is 5 km long and more than 1.5 km wide in places.

The Breydon Pilot lives in a houseboat: the old hulk of the Breydon pilot's houseboat where the River Waveney goes into Breydon Water (CC20,25).


  • Mrs Barrable recalls Breydon Water in past far-off days when Breydon Water was gay with yachts and she was listening for the crack of the winning gun in the commodore's steam launch .... frilled parasols and rowing skiffs, and young women with little sailor hats, and spreading skirts and sleeves most strangely puffed above the elbows (CC25).
  • But Teasel runs aground here after the rash Admiral (Mrs Barrable) took her crew voyaging while their skipper Tom Dudgeon was away getting provisions. On the skipper's return, he gets his boat Titmouse stuck as well, leading to William's heroic moment launching a rope-railway between the vessels. Soon afterward, the Hullabaloos sight Tom and in their rush to catch him, crash Margoletta on to a navigation post, causing her to start sinking. (CC25-28)
  • Breydon Water is mentioned by the Death and Glories when they first see the Lake after they stow away there in Bonnka: "That beat Breydon!" (CN)

Native prototype[]

Arthur Ransome uses the original Breydon Water in Norfolk with little or no fictional embellishment.