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The unnamed owner of the motor cruiser Bonnka befriends the Death and Glories Joe, Bill and Pete after his newly-built craft is delivered to the Lake, and when he goes aboard he finds Ratty left in her by the stowaways.

The Death and Glories had alighted near the Lake, leaving Ratty behind. They run to the Lake, and Joe leading, finds her. They see the owner smoking a pipe and feeding Ratty bread and milk. He becomes fast friends of the Death and Glories, puts them up for the night (CN: It's Gone) and the next day takes them for a cruise on the Lake. They meet the Swallows, Amazons and D's (CN: One Way of Meeting Nancy). He is never named (like the owner of the Cachalot).

Is he also the owner of Cahalot?[]

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The Bonnka's skipper has many similarities to the Cachalot owner: he is friendly and gets on well with the Death and Glories, he is a sports fisherman and he has a fast, modern cruiser. Neither character is named in the books and there is no explicit linking of the two characters. If Bonnka's owner was the Cachalot's owner the Coots would have recognised him. There is no mention of this.