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List of boatbuilders mentioned in the Swallows and Amazons series:


Launching Scarab as depicted on the cover of The Picts and the Martyrs

in Horning[]

Boatbuilders and boatyards in Horning: The Death and Glories are boatbuilders’ sons (CC2) or Boatbuilders’ children (CC28). Their dads all work (and have a midday pint) at Horning (BS2); Pete’s dad at Jonnatts (CN1) and Joe’s dad at Hannams (BS21). Bill’s dad presumably also works at one of these, or at another Horning boatbuilder if there is one.

  • The awning for Titmouse is made by old Jonas the sailmaker (CC3).
  • To keep track of Margoletta Joe says that We'll tell 'em (Coots) to telephone to Dad's yard, to give us a warning (CC9)

Mr Jonnatt appears in Coot Club and The Big Six, but Mr Hannam the presumed proprietor of Hannams is never named or referred to.

When Mrs Barrable and the Ds go down-river from Wroxham they come to a bend in the river, and the boatyards are down-river from the Horning staithe:

There was an old inn at the bend, the Swan. Then there was a staithe with a couple of yachts tied up to it. Beyond the staithe were big boat-sheds, like those they had seen at Wroxham.

elsewhere in Norfolk[]

Boatbuilders or boat yards in Norfolk other than in Horning:

at the Lake[]

Boatbuilders or boat yards at the Lake:

  • Rio boatbuilders: Old James, Robert, and a boy "hardly older than John" (SD8 & PM2,15). Old James is shown in a sketch of the launching of Scarab on the dustjacket of PM (which was not included in the book).
  • When sailing in the fog they hear the noise of hammerings, and the chug, chug of a small petrol engine, and the rattle of shafting, and every now and then the long "whoosh" of a circular saw slicing through a plank. "The boatyards" said John, "where I was with Captain Flint. Let's go and have a look at Swallow" (SD32).


  • The Boatbuilder at Pin Mill who says about Jim Brading: .. he'd trust him anywhere (WD3). (Possible Native prototype: Harry King.)
  • the nearest boatbuilder to Secret Water to fix the bent pintle on the Wizard; who is Up the town creek ... A good one close to the Yacht Club (SW22).
  • Naval dockyard of the Three Islands: They're building a junk said John ... Naval dockyard ... Visitors not allowed said Captain Flint (ML17).
  • Noah: Nancy says that Uncle Jim's quite right .... He said you were bound to be late with her because the only boatbuilder who ever finished a boat on time was Noah, and he only did it because he knew he'd be drowned if he didn't (PM2). See Wikipedia: Noah