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Albion Bill 031

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The Arrow of Norwich, owned by Mr Duck is mentioned in Peter Duck: he says my old wherry is a flyer She is lying at Oulton, but he needs to sail her up to Beccles to leave her with his daughter there for his final deep sea voyage, so he may be back tomorrow (PD1).

Mr Duck usually lived in an old wherry on the Norfolk rivers, sailing this way and that between Norfolk and Lowestoft and Yarmouth and Beccles, sometimes with a cargo of potatoes, sometime with a cargo of coals, and sometimes with the deck of his wherry piled so high with reeds for thatching that the sail would hardly clear them. But he had not very much to do, and every now and then he used to leave his old wherry in Oulton Broad and slip down to Lowestoft to look at the boats .... (PD1).

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