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Events in 1932[]

Winter of 1931-1932[]

August 1932[]



Numbers are actual dates in August 1932 (PM16); names are chapter titles (dates and events in parentheses occur outside the book's timeline).

2: Visitors Expected, The Visitors Arrive
3: Out of the Blue, The Dog's Home, Transformation Scenes, "She's Here!"
4: Secondhand News, Dealing With the Doctor, Harbour for the Scarab, Pigeons for Timothy
5: "A Better Pict Than Either of Us", A Signal From the Lawn, Tickling Trout
6: "They Can't Be Going to Sail...", Launching the Scarab, On Their Own
7: Waiting for the Message, Visiting Seal
8: "We've Never Been Burglars Before"
9: Police!, As Others See Us
10: Plans and Change of Plans
11: Plans and Change of Plans, The Great Aunt Goes to See For Herself, Carefree Holiday, Totally Disappeared
12: The Hunt is Up, The One Thing That Mustn't Happen, Three in a Boat, Great Aunt Maria Faces Her Persuers, Reward of Virtue
(13): (planned analysis of new copper samples on board the Houseboat; projected arrival of Mrs Blackett and Captain Flint at the Lake [Mother arrives thirteenth (PM2)]; projected arrival of Miss Huskisson at Harrogate)
(18): (projected arrival of the Swallows: And I said "I wish they were but they aren't coming for another week, Aunt Maria." And she said "Ah!" Nancy, on 11 August, PM22])


  • Swallows coming in a fortnight [from which day??] to stay at Holly Howe; on 11 August they are expected in a week (PM22, quoted above)
  • there are 5 weeks of summer holidays to go after the story ends
  • the Ds go north to stay at Beckfoot, but their father had to be busy for a fortnight in London correcting examination papers (PM1). They are to teach their parents to sail when they arrive. Their mother writes: Do be careful. It would be a dreadful pity and most annoying for us if you both got drowned before you have had a chance of teaching us to sail. Father is still snowed under with examination papers, but he seems to spend quite a lot of time looking at a catalogue of boats for hire on the Broads and the red and blue pencils he uses for marking the examination papers are quite useful for putting crosses against the boats the look of which he likes. I think something may come of it. Presumably for a future Broads holiday as she repeats her warning at the end P.S. Mind! No getting drowned. We want to learn to sail. (PM14).
  • Mrs Barrable is in Horning, her brother Richard will be there and they will go sailing sometime in September.

August 1932[]

Events described in 'Coots in the North'

(numbers are days, but not actual dates, in the second week of August (CN1) of 1933; names are chapter titles)

  1. chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 (not titled)
  2. It's Gone!
  3. One Way of Meeting Nancy

and subsequent days as suggested in the author's notes.

Notes: Tom Dudgeon & Dr Dudgeon away somewhere with a rocky harbour, Frank Farland and Port and Starboard away, The Ds at The Lake staying at Dixons' Farm; Prof Callum is learning to sail

Native events in 1932[]

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