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1929 is the year in which Swallows and Amazons is set.

Events in 1929[]

events in August 1929[]

Described in Swallows and Amazons:

24 July: The Walkers arrive at Holly Howe -...came a fortnight before to stay for part of the school holidays and until it was time to pack up and go home... (SA1). That evening they see the island for the first time. (Mother begins making tents soon after they arrive -SA1.

7 Aug: (SA1) The Walkers have arrived at The Lake, and obtain permission to camp on an island from Daddy in Malta, under orders for Hong Kong

8 Aug: (SA2) lent Swallow by the Jacksons, prepare for voyage

9 Aug: (SA3-5) voyage to and camp on the island

10 Aug: (SA6) meet the Dixons, sight the Houseboat and her owner

11 Aug: (SA7) pearl-diving, fishing, shark sighted

12 Aug: (SA8) witness attack on Houseboat, sight Amazon and try to follow her; fist shaken at Swallows by houseboat man

13 Aug: (SA9-12) meet and enter Treaty of Offence and Defence (confusingly dated "August 1929") with the Amazons and against Captain Flint, construct leading lights

14 Aug: (SA13-14) Meet charcoal burners, receive message for and leter from Captain Flint

15 Aug: (SA15-17) John visits Captain Flint and is rebuffed; Vicky's second birthday celebrated; attack plotted on Amazons

16 Aug: (SA17-21) A fair wind for attack on Amazon; Titty marooned as lighthouse keeper, meets Man Friday; Amazons outwit Swallows at river mouth, Swallows discover Octopus Lagoon; night sailing in Swallow ends in nearly being duffers before mooring for the night; Titty captures Amazon and hears real pirates; white flag hoisted by Amazons

17 Aug: (SA22-23) Amazons concede defeat, learn of threat to houseboat

18 Aug: (SA24-26) news of houseboat robbery, Police officer Sammy Lewthwaite visits island, Nancy realises mistaken identity of houseboat bomber and tips Captain Flint the Black Spot, who makes peace and declares war; brief search for Captain Flint's trunk) on Cormorant Island

19 Aug: (SA27) Swallows and Amazons defeat Captain Flint in the Battle of Houseboat Bay

20 Aug: (SA28-30) Whaling and treasure hunting; pike caught; treasure found; Polly presented to Titty; night-time storm drenches camp

21 Aug (SA31) Natives help wet campers to strike camp, the Swallows and Amazons meet at Horseshoe Bay for tea, then part

Events in December 1929[]

Described in 'Their Own Story':

27 December (TOS1): Swallows, Amazons and Captain Flint are holidaying in the Norfolk Broads on board a wherry, the Polly Ann. They discuss the recently-published book, Swallows and Amazons and propose telling a story of their own.
28 December (TOS2): Mr Duck proposes the name Wild Cat for the schooner in their story, they move Polly Ann to avoid being frozen in, and Titty comes up with the main plot for their story.

Native events in 1929[]

  • March 29: Ransome says he is "hammering at a story" (SFM1929)
  • 1929: A German expedition led by Paul Bauer reached 7,400 m (24,280 ft) on the northeast spur of Kanchenjunga before being turned back by a five-day storm.
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