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Events in the 1890s[]

  • 1895: The Great Frost, when the Lake froze over.
    Mrs Dixon says it is not what it was in ’95, with coaches with four horses and horns blowing crossing the lake from side to side. (WH15). Later she says There was three or four of them (ice yachts) rushing about on the lake in '95, and racing for a silver cup and went on talking of the racing of the ice yachts all those years ago, when she had been a young girl and herself had skated from one end of the lake to the other (WH16).
  • 1890s: when Molly Blackett was young:
    The episode of the hotpot when I was young and the hotpot was left on the ice, made a round hole and went to the bottom of the lake. So we went without .... What else could we do (WH6).
    After visiting Mrs Tyson they go up to the Great Wall and Molly says, looking out to Kanchenjunga that It must be a hundred years since I was up here last .... Rattletrap and all his kind had hardly been invented; Dick looks at her with serious doubt (PP17).
    Later she remembers when we were children seeing the hills on the other side of the lake ablaze .... where you had your igloo .... (it) killed every tree for seven miles each way, and left three farmhouses burnt out. (PP17). The reference to "when we were children" suggests it was before their ascent of the "Matterhorn" in 1901.
  • 1890s: Captain Flint says of Peter Duck's Cave that he carved "Ben Gunn" on the cave wall more than thirty years ago (SD13). He come back from abroad for the skating, and to enjoy seeing the lake frozen from end to end as he had seen it when he was a boy (WH23).
  • 1890s: Mrs Barrable recalls the events of forty years ago when she was young: the Broads in the wild old days of forty years ago (CC9), and far-off memories of when Breydon Water was gay with yachts and she was listening for the crack of the winning gun in the commodore’s steam launch. She was seeing frilled parasols and rowing skiffs, and young women with little sailor hats, and spreading skirts and sleeves most strangely puffed above the elbows (CC25).

Native events in the 1890s[]

  • 1894, April 10: Evgenia Ransome born in St Petersburg, Russia.
  • 1895, February: The Great Frost when Windermere was frozen from end to end for several weeks, the inspiration for Winter Holiday. The headmaster of Arthur's school at Windermere let them make the most of it. Those weeks of clear ice with that background of snow-covered, sunlit, blue-shadowed hills were, forty years after, to give me a book called Winter Holiday for which I have a sort of tenderness (Autobiography page 19 and Life pages 46-47).
  • 1897, June 24: Death of Cyril Ransome, Arthur Ransome's father.

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